Dry Skin on Face and Tips How to Avoid it


A dry skin on face can have much remuneration that is negative. For starters, your skin will be dry, flaky and unsightly. If you prefer to wear makeup – and most women do – it can really look caked on when you have dry skin. If you are a man and do not wear makeup, a dry face can actually look like dandruff after you shave, as little bits of skin flake off all over the place and are detriment to your appearance and your overall self confidence.

Dry Skin On Face

Dry Skin On Face Causes

There might be some bad habits that you have which may be contributing factors to your dry face skin. Sometimes diseases of the skin can cause for a dry face. However, in many instances, it can also be traced to bad personal habits.

  • Harsh soaps that contain drying ingredients that cause for dry face
  • Taking long showers or baths in hot water that strips the skin of its natural oils
  • Cold or dry weather
  • Heating unit in house sucking up all of the moisturize from the air
  • Disease of skin such as Dermatitis and Psoriasis
  • Cosmetics that dry out the skin
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Smoking
  • Overexposure to UV rays from the sun
  • Poor diet or vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Poor skin hygiene

Getting Rid of Dry Face Skin

If any of the above mentioned causes for dry face are affecting you, then you can take action to correct them to repair dry face skin. You can also use the following tips to help you get your skin back under control, and to maintain its health and hydration.

  1. Drink your weight (in ounces) of water daily.
  2. Eat a balanced diet that adheres to the guidance of the Food Pyramid.
  3. Use warm water for bathing, showering and for washing your face.
  4. Apply moisturizers right after bathing to wet skin, where the open pores will absorb more.
  5. Always wear sunscreen when you plan on being outdoors, and apply it about 30 minutes prior.
  6. Lather dry face skin in helpful oils like coconut oil or olive oil just before bed.
  7. Exfoliate your skin one time per week to keep it clear, smooth and supple (glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy peels are great for this).
  8. Harness power of natural remedies for dry face, such as a honey, lemon juice and paste of papaya homemade face mask that you can apply one time per week.
  9. Add humidifiers to your home during the colder months, when your heater can reduce moisture levels indoors.
  10. Use alcohol-free and fragrance-free “for dry skin” labeled products only.

Dry Skin On Face : Top Eight Tips to Avoid

Most people get a dry face during the winter or during the summer, and some people will suffer with dry skin throughout the entire year. There are, however, some candid and rather easy methods that you can implement that will enable you to avoid a dry face. Skin creams will help—but truly empower yourself to avoid ever having a dry face with these top eight tips on how to avoid this facial dermal dilemma.

  1. Are you drinking enough water? Really are you? It has to be asked twice because according to studies, more than 40% of people are NOT drinking enough water daily. Want to know how much water that you should be drinking? Your weight, in ounces, of water daily. So drink up, and cheers to no more dry face.
  2. Drinking, smoking and caffeine are all diuretics, which mean that they actually can dehydrate you. So avoid these and you can avoid a dry face.
  3. Spice up bath time with added oils like jojoba, almond, olive, or even hazelnut oil; a simple tablespoon added to your bath water will do wonders for moisturizing your dry face.
  4. The elements are your enemy. You need to ensure that you are using a good moisturizer daily to protect from hot and cold or dry weather.
  5. The sun is your face’s nemesis. The easy fix is an SPF 30 or higher rated sunscreen applied to your face daily.
  6. Hot showers are delightful, but they also contribute to a dry face. Skincare experts advise that you take shorter showers and that you use a facial toner or a nice spritz of aromatic hydrosol post showering to prevent a dry face.
  7. Start taking omega-3 fatty acids – they will help your skin produce more natural oils that prevent dryness.
  8. Flaxseed oil will do wonders for your skin and for a dry face. You can take daily capsules – found at most health food stores – to prevent dry skin.

How To Treat Dry Skin On Face : 6 Simple Ways

You have probably heard it all said before, and the reason it is said is because it rings so efficaciously true: prevention is the best method of treatment; period. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and actually for that matter it is priceless. However, instead of looking back on dry skin on face and wondering what you could have done differently or more advantageously to prevent it, why not just work to prevent it in the first place? Today, our goal is to share with you some expert tips on how to treat dry skin on face. Hopefully these tips will come in handy the next time around—where you can use extroverted foresight as your primary factor in treat and preventing dry face skin.

How To Treat Dry Skin On Face

  1. Protect the delicate skin on your face. At all times of the year, weather and outdoor humidity and the elements, like pollution, will be factors for dry skin on face. You need to actively work to prevent these elements from drying out your face by protecting it with a shield. Thicker moisturizers for dry face not only encourage healing, but they also serve as a protective barrier for the tender skin on your face, too.
  2. How to treat dry skin on face with better cleansers. Many cleansers contain detergents, foaming agents, alcohol and fragrances that can dry your face out in a hurry. Consider changing up the cleanser you use for one that contains organic ingredients, no alcohol, no chemicals and no fragrances or dyes. Look for cleansers that are made for dry face skin; which is caused primarily by the lack of proper oil production.
  3. Add a moisturizing toner to your daily cleansing routine. You can find them at most drugstores. A toner applied before moisturizer for dry face skin will help the skin more expediently absorb the moisturizer and its soothing qualities.
  4. Only use lotion products that contain both lipid barriers and humectants. These agents help to protect your skin and shield it while encouraging the absorption of key moisturizing ingredients.
  5. Always wear sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day. Also, drink plenty of water daily to keep your body properly hydrated.
  6. Consider getting a weekly hydrating facial (or biweekly) at the day spa. This will supercharge your skin with moisture, and provide you with very desirable results for dry skin on face.

How To Fix Dry Skin On Face

Pay Attention to What You Drink

Are you consuming too many alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages or energy drinks? Sure, it can be a groggy morning, but limit yourself to just one cup of coffee instead of two or three. Avoiding that energy drink you crave will greatly aid you in combating a dry face. Alcohol, needless to say, dehydrates your entire body, including your face; moderation is the key when drinking

Use Good Face Creams for Dry Face

Look for skin creams that are designed for your face – as many people mistakenly use body and hand creams on their face, which has far more sensitive and delicate skin than other parts of the body. Good skin creams will contain a potent moisturizer, no cheap dermal fillers, no alcohol, no fragrance, and they will be loaded with potent antioxidants, vitamin A and E, as well as a solid SPF 15 rating or higher to protect your face from exposure to harmful UV rays.

Dry Skin on Face : Top Vitamins to Take for

Dry skin on face can be related to numerous different causes. The weather and the elements are just one part of the equation. Another part of this metric includes personal daily hygiene habits, an effective and rigorous skin care regiment and eating and drinking the proper foods. Exercise and ensuring that you staying active are also part of preventing dry skin on the face. Of course, using the right skin care products, avoiding bad skin care products, and properly protecting your skin from UV rays with a potent sunscreen are also key elements to proper skin care and in retaining supple skin. However, many people often overlook another key element of healthy skin: vitamin intake. A deficiency in certain vitamins can be the cause of dry skin on the face.

Vitamin B3

There are eight B vitamins, and one that is commonly deficient in those who suffer from dry skin on the face is vitamin B3; also called nicotinic acid. These vitamins are water soluble and work to convert the intake of carbohydrates into glucose. Since they are soluble by water, the body is incapable of storing them, meaning that you should be taking a supplement with these important B vitamins daily for well hydrated and evenly toned skin.

Vitamin A

Soluble by fat, vitamin A plays a very important role in healthy and hydrated skin. Also a potent antioxidant and a free-radical scavenger, this vitamin works to keep the skin healthy and youthful. It is also found in some of the leading brands of skin care products (like Retin-A). Vitamin A enables the skin cells to regenerate and also aids in the development of new, healthy skin cells. You can find it in the best brands of skin creams, or you can take it daily vitamin supplements, too.

Vitamin C

One of the most important vitamins that you can take, vitamin C, is the key part of the body’s production of collagen. Collagen is a crucial element in the skin’s regenerative process. It helps to create new skin, scar tissue and blood vessels. It is also a potent antioxidant, but leaves your body through the urine. Add this important vitamin to your daily intake so that you can avoid dry skin on the face. With a lack of college, clinical studies show that the skin can be more prone to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.